Basaltic Lava

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Certification: ISO9001, CE

Packaging: Wooden Crate

Sample: Free Sample with Freight Paid by Customer

Quality: Control by Our Experienced QC Team

Leadtime: About 15-20 Days for One Container

Trademark: Kaoshi Stone

Specification: Customizable

Origin: China

Payment terms:T/T,L/C

Product Description

Product: Basaltic Lava

Available size:


Thickness: 20mm or 30mm 

Finishing: Honed´╝îSawn Cut etc.

Basalt is a dense or foam-like structure of solidified lava formed by volcanic eruption. It belongs to magmatic rocks (also called igneous rocks) in geological rock classification. Magmatic rocks are divided into two types, intrusive rocks and ejected rocks. Among them, intrusive rocks are underground magma that invade the upper part of the earth's crust under the action of internal forces. The rock layers are cooled and solidified to form rocks. The crystal grains of the minerals are larger, representing granites with rocks. Ejected rock is underground magma under the action of internal forces, condensing in the weak zone of the earth's crust to form surface rock, its mineral crystal grain is small, some have rhyolite or stomatal structure, represents rock is basalt. The temperature of the magma flowing out of the volcanic eruption was as high as 1,200 degrees Celsius. Due to a certain viscosity, when the terrain was gentle, the magma flowed slowly and only a few meters away every minute; when a steep slope was encountered, the speed was greatly accelerated. During the flow, it carries a large amount of water vapor and bubbles. After cooling, it forms a variety of shapes.


Basaltic Lava has strong compressive strength, low crushing value, strong corrosion resistance, and wear-resistant.

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