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Bathroom Countertops

The mesa that chooses toilet pledges material is a troublesome matter, fortunately we have the choice of very many kinds of different price.The countertops in bathrooms are different from those in kitchens (not to mention hot pans and spilled coffee), so style and cost are more of a concern than strength.Fortunately, market mesa materials can be both beautiful and durable.Tell everybody here, the mesa of toilet how to choose.
Granite comes than quartz stone, more natural, more true, decorative pattern is distinctive and rich and varied.The surface needs to be sealed.

There are many styles, and you are more likely to find what you like.
Hard, abrasion resistant and scratch-resistant, simple maintenance.
Low permeability, water resistance, high temperature resistance.
Very long service life.
Second hand always sells better.
Delta is expensive.
Delta once damaged or damaged, difficult to repair.
The cutting and processing of granite is low carbon.
Price: $50- $100 / SQFT (=0.093 SQM) (3350-6700 RMB/SQM), depending on thickness and process.
Illicit goods: the granite surface should be enclosed to maintain the brightness.

Quartz stone is very hard, huge reserves, almost every dig out of a stone, there are quartz components.Manufacturers (such as Sally stone, warner, etc.) will add colorants, resins and other materials, finally make quartz stone content of more than 95% of the table.
Delta is harder than granite and does not require surface finish.
Natural moisture-proof, preservative and bacteriostatic.
Numerous side shapes and mounting options are available.
Good quartz stone is also expensive, comparable to granite and marble.
Due to the buffing and material handling characteristics, fingerprints and stains can easily be left and often need to be wiped.
Price: $60- $100 per square foot.(equivalent to 4000-6800 RMB/m2)
Illicit goods: bespoke bathroom ark USES this kind to compare much, make an under stage basin of what, in the regular and regular.

The brief introduction of toilet mesa product:


Some pictures of toilet top products are displayed:

Tile 0503_副本

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