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In our daily life, we often encounter the problem of how to open a hole in the surface of marble stove, and we often don't know how to deal with it. The following is a solution to this problem for you, hoping to provide you with some help.
First, a diamond is used, which is a flat, hollow bit with emery, mainly used for drilling stones and glass, and it needs to be flushed continuously as it is drilled.
Then, with a professional basin digging machine, the equipment is cheaper, the shape of the hole is single, can only be oval.Medium efficiency, good quality.
Then, use the hand to dig, draw the hole position, use the Angle grinder to dig, and then modify the grinding line.Low efficiency, low quality, comparison test manual technology.
And then, the water knife, this device is more expensive.But utility is wider, open empty shape is much, square, circle, elliptic incidentally also can boiled water bibcock hole.Good quality, high efficiency and high cost.
Next, the marble on kitchen hearth is man-made marble commonly, quality of a material is softer, tenacity is better, use marble to open a hole implement to be able to finish quickly operation.If the surface is hard or brittle, it is better to use a glass drill bit, which is safer and safer.
Finally, note that regardless of the type of drill, it is best to add water to the drill during drilling, which will not only speed up drilling but also avoid burning the drill bit.Water can be used to add water bottle cap drilling squeeze injection method;Operation needs two people to cooperate, and has a certain risk, the ability to do not strong can ask workers to help.

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