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Carrera Marble Countertop

Marble cathedral, also known as marble cave, is one of the most beautiful cave networks in the world.The marble church is located in general carrera lake in Patagonia, Chile. General carrera lake is the second largest fresh water lake in South America. It is surrounded by the snowy peaks of the andes mountains.
The water of general carrera lake comes from the melting glacial water of the surrounding mountains, and it also carries into the lake the glacial slag, which is made up of tiny mineral particles.The tiny particles of dissolved slag deposited on the bottom of the lake reflect sunlight, turning the lake of general carrera a particularly blue, turquoise color, and changing with the depth of the water.
Marble cathedral cave is an intricate system of water-filled caves that form an unparalleled landscape through a natural "light show."When the sun shines on the sparkling lake, the blue water refracts the light onto the marble cave walls. At the same time, the smooth cave walls reflect the light onto the water surface, forming a natural "neon" effect, which will transform the intricate caves into colorful and fantastic.

The marble cathedral is located in the far south of Chile, on the border between Argentina and Chile. The marble cathedral cave is located on the Chilean side.The marble cathedral consists of three main caves: the church (La Capilla), the cathedral (El Catedral) and the cave (La Cueva).Marble churches have been carved by waves and erosion for more than 6,200 years.
The best way to visit is to take a boat or kayaking, can walk through the cave tunnel, to see the strange cave tunnel scenery.For the best viewing, the best time to visit is October, when the lake is at its shallowest. The covered part of the marble cathedral is exposed to the surface of the lake to the maximum extent possible.

Because of the remote location of the marble cathedral, it took some getting here.

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