Granite And Quartz Countertops

Granite And Quartz Countertops

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Granite And Quartz Countertops

The main components of artificial quartz stone are silica, by 93% of quartz sand as filler and 7% resin and other adhesive synthesis, less than 7% toughness, easy to fracture;More than 12% is prone to deformation.Quartz stone is generally 15 mm thick.From the different quartz stone factory production process can be divided into casting quartz stone and die casting quartz stone.Quartz stone variety of colors, theoretically speaking, any color can be mixed out by all kinds of pigments.
Quartz stone due to high density, strong hardness, with excellent resistance to pollution, scratch flowers, corrosion prevention.However, from the perspective of physics, quartz stone has a subtle thermal expansion, cold contraction, there is a certain shrinkage stress, impact toughness, elongation at break and other mechanical properties, when the material can not withstand the thermal expansion, cold contraction of internal stress and severe external impact will appear cracking.
Quartz stone surface is not a special way of treatment, but after more than 30 high pressure and fast water grinding, once the use of low speed grinding will lead to white discoloration.Quartz stone installation joints in the common problem is that two plates appear high and low, processing methods tend to choose grinding, so it will lead to the plate surface luster.So in the seamless stitching process to test the level of the installation master.
Qualified and high-quality quartz stone adopts die casting process, with a density up to 2.46g/cm3 and a water absorption rate of 0.02%, which is good in seepage prevention.But some unqualified quartz stone products will be in the daily use of the process of infiltration of pollution impurities, affecting the appearance.

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In order to make the color more bright and even or change the color, some granite adopts dyeing, electrolysis and other processing methods. This type of granite is not suitable for kitchen countertops.

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giallo ornamental granite

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