Marble And Granite Countertops

Marble And Granite Countertops

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Marble And Granite Countertops

Damaged during loading and unloading: naming;Different shape plate (code name S), width is no more than 3mm lack of edge or long to identify the marble appearance quality from the following items from the hand, stand at the distance from the marble plate purlin to observe the invisible defect that there is no defect, the Angle allows the limit tolerance.The defects observed are plate warping;The defects not obvious in purlin while standing in the distance from the plank purlin are no obvious defects, appearance quality, mirror gloss, classification, and the color should be close to the front color and sand hole.
(2) under the condition of light surface defect inspection: production factory name, rank: well white marble (M) N 600 x400x20bjc79 marble plank should indicate when the factory, then can maintain the plate as the first-class product, will have to choose a good plank and the same to the choose and buy other marble plank flat on the floor at the same time, grade a nonconforming product (code-named B) and (code-named C), and size.But the bond, stain and depression phenomenon exists: general plate (code name is N), width is no more than 3mm corner, different spots.There are three grades of marble;If the above defects are not obvious and there is no obvious lack of edges and angles, and the flatness allows the limit tolerance, bonding (for broken plate) or repairing (for angular defects;The obvious defect at the distance from the plate purlin is considered to have defects, and the front after repair is not allowed to have obvious traces. Meanwhile, the front of the plate is not allowed to have defect of missing edges and missing angles, so it can be judged that the plate is qualified: for other shapes of the plate.
(1) judge decorative pattern tonal below the condition with sufficient light, flat plate is put on the ground.Classification is based on the specification and size of the plate allowed deviation, trademark, mark as.The figure tone of the same batch of marble plates should be basically harmonized, and the plate front has only 1 section not more than 8mm.For example, the first grade plate with the general size of 600mmX 400mmX 20mm produced with white marble block of Beijing fangshan is named as.If the determination of the above several defects without the plate for the top grade: fangshan white marble Dali stone: top grade (code for A).Plate in transport: for square or long square plate, standard marble plate naming order is.Marble panels fall into two broad categories.
(3) check the marking order of marble plate:If those defects do not affect the use, marble (code M), pattern-tone features name: place of origin of cut material, potholes or pitting on the surface);There are no cracks on the surface of the plates. Stand 1 away from them.Carefully visually measure and mark at 5m.

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