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Natural stone mesa -- natural stone is natural stone.Natural stone includes the marble that has all sorts of natural grain and granite, they are relatively beautiful, quality of a material is hard, feel is icy, prevent scratch performance to be very outstanding, it is relatively traditional mesa material.More commonly used is white flower and black flower two kinds, but with respect to natural marble character only, because of its pore, easy accumulation bilge, antifouling performance shows inadequacy slightly, and brittleness is big, cannot make the mesa that exceeds a meter.Natural stone density is big, hard and strong cabinets are needed to support, but it is lack of flexibility, if there are any big or rapid temperature change and can't see the natural crack produces cracks are difficult to repair, at the same time natural stone can't be too long, can't make it through a long whole mesa, two pieces of stitching not one integrated mass, the juncture place easy to accumulate dirt, bacteria, affect health.Price of natural stone mesa differs with design and color and each has difference, most commonly used a few kinds are in 200 yuan about a meter commonly, belong to the most economical material of a mesa.Artificial stone mesa - artificial stone is very popular at present mesa material, it USES natural mineral powder + color mother + acrylic resin glue through high temperature and high pressure treatment.Man-made stone is gorgeous and colorful, quality of a material is even, the surface does not have wool stoma, water is stained with grease not easy infiltration among them, fight dirty force is strong, often be called high polymer solid board.Man-made stone mesa material has strong acid resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistant, impact resistance, compressive strength, bending, penetration resistance and easy to clean, and other functions, has the elegance of natural marble and granite is hard, but also has the exquisite like wood and warm feeling, also have the burnish like ceramics, plasticity, its deformation, adhesion and turning parts, such as a unique feature of processing, can make any model, conform to the development trend of beautiful and practical combination of ambry, therefore in the industry known as "instead of the other material of the second generation," excellent quality is becoming more and more get the favour of people.Artificial stone is divided into seamless and seam two kinds, seamless artificial stone is called methyl methacrylate material, can be any length of seamless splicing, using adhesive splicing two grinding is one integrated, its color is rich, integral molding, smooth lines, seam without traces, and can be repeatedly polished renovation.But has the seam artificial stone to use the adhesive splicing to have the obvious crack mark, the acid and alkali resistance and the scratch resistance performance is slightly bad, its price in 300-400 yuan meters.The common besmirch of man-made stone can be wiped with wet cloth or cleaner, easy maintain, but strong chemical agent such as go lacquer agent, contain acetone to go smooth water, rosin water and the conduit cleaner that contain acid all can harm its to cause besmirch, at the same time serious impingement also can form dent in its surface.Price of man-made stone mesa is different because of homebred and entrance, homebred and seamless man-made stone mesa is in the stainless steel mesa of the left and right sides of 1200-1500 yuan rice -- stainless steel is the traditional raw material that is used for ark of domestic hutch and kitchen workbench, stainless steel material is qualitative and firm, easy to clean, practical better.

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