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Stone Kitchen Countertops

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Stone Kitchen Countertops

The kitchen can be said to be the area that often USES in our home, and ambry had very important effect in the kitchen.And the practical level of ambry, basically depend on the design of cabinet put oneself in another's position, and the material respect of ambry mesa.Now most of the home kitchen cabinets are made of marble.

Although, marble is very hard and beautiful, wear-resisting, anti-fouling;However, if we use marble for long face splicing, there will be some gaps in the process of splicing, which is not very suitable for most kitchens.Do not use marble again ambry mesa, now popular such outfit, regret did not know early!

1. Stainless steel cabinet mesa:
The ambry day surface that USES stainless steel to make and becomes, look not only bright and clean bright, at the same time it still has certain fight bacterium to regenerate ability.Relatively clean, and no radiation, very environmental protection.The stainless steel material that we see normally pledges mesa, it is to be on board of high density fire prevention normally much a thinner stainless steel, strengthened certain simple sense, suit to like to have the owner of metallic simple sense very much.

2, fire board material of the cabinet mesa:
Fire prevention board is on our common lumber actually, undertook certain processing again.Normally this kind has the plank of anticorrosive ability, the color that can give our kitchen increase or decrease many and beautiful, unapt those who let a kitchen change is iciness.Additional, fire prevention board itself has certain recoil force bearing capacity, when we are having food material cut above ambry especially, do not meet to produce great noise.
3. Acrylic cabinet table:
Yakeli plank belongs to the plank after be being processed artificially, it has the surface with very bright and clean, and do not have wool stoma, besides have natural stone material to feel character, still have the luster like pottery and porcelain at the same time.Acrylic cabinets have a higher degree of wear resistance and higher coefficient of strength and toughness.The reason for this is that the content of acrylic in the plate is relatively stable.
4. Granite countertops:
Granite countertops and marble countertops are both natural stone countertops. We can guess from the small spots on the cabinet countertops in the picture that this is granite countertops.The ambry mesa that granite pledges material, not only burnish is soft run, at the same time the cost of its itself is lower also, often can give a person the mood of a kind of regression nature.
5. Quartz stone cabinet countertops:
The quality of quartz stone material cabinet mesa, not only has a higher hardness, but also has a higher wear resistance.This is because the quartz stone itself is composed of silica material.Not only that, quartz stone also has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, compression resistance, anti-permeability and so on.If the ambry mesa that USES this kind of material to pledge in the home, so using a few decades is not a problem drop completely.

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