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Travertine Countertops

Travertine is an interesting natural stone that is generally harder than limestone but softer than marble.It is usually an interior decoration material, such as walls and floors.In some countries, such as Italy and Turkey, it is often used outdoors, and even as a pavement material.Travertine is used extensively in traditional Italian architecture.Today travertine is widely used in a variety of commercial buildings (hotels, shopping malls, etc.) and residential areas.Travertine comes in many colors.The most common are beige, white, milky and brown.Other popular colors are yellow/gold and red.Travertine comes mainly from three regions: Iran, Italy and Turkey.Iran is the only region that produces red travertine.Iran and Turkey produce yellow travertine.The yellow travertine of Iran is richer and more uniform than that of Turkey.Travertine may be filled or filled.Generally speaking, filling travertine with cement is the most popular trend at present.Travertine can be cut with grain or crosscut.The former is relatively rare, but can be used properly to create a unique table.Different colors of travertine can be matched to create different patterns, from traditional to modern.Different sizes of bricks can be combined with each other to create a wonderful pattern.However, there is no need to design too many patterns, otherwise you may underestimate the richness of natural stone.Travertine texture and typical colors make the room more warm.It can also be paired with other materials, especially wood floors and glass.Users are advised to consult with the stone supplier to better understand the range of different types of travertine.Under normal circumstances, travertine is not suitable for swimming pool, but for swimming pool around the environment is a good choice.If travertine bricks are used in bathrooms, stone processing it is best to consider using custom jet trays, either around the bathtub, or travertine to match or opposite the bathroom countertops.Travertine prices vary depending on the type and grade/quality of travertine.Cream-colored travertine is more suitable for public consumption, while luxurious white travertine is more upscale.Budgeting for different types of travertine is a good idea, but don't underestimate the quality, as with other types of natural stone.The pay is equal to the return.

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