Antique Fireplace

Fall in love with fireplace, it is to fall in love with its ancient mystery actually, the languid that loves to go up is lazy and comfortable, still have that one immemorial and changeless warmth inheritance.

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Antique Fireplace

When you are old and grey and full of sleep,

and nodding by the fire…

This is the best home for Yeats.

And the philosopher Plato said, "there is no place like a fire."

Fireplace, it is contemplative hearer, no matter you are youth time or old age, it does not abandon, give off light to give off heat to wait for you stealthily.

Its jumping fire light is actually the memory of The Times, showing the social changes from the ancient to the modern. It also reflects the personal ideas of craftsmen and designers along with the changes of architectural styles.

Fireplace after the western architecture, from the Renaissance - baroque - Georgia - rococo style evolution, the same period of time to confirm the changes of The Times.

In the process of cultural collision between east and west, the port city was the first to enter China, especially the high-end villas in Shanghai, which were deeply influenced by the historical atmosphere. The fireplace became a core symbol of Shanghai architecture.

Its unique artistic flavor is not only the warmth of the ancient transmission, but also the embodiment of human changes.

The person that pursues quality, doting on especially in the home the most comfortable zone builds a fireplace, place the illicit home of him next collect;The fire is curled up and sitting on the sofa, listening to the drifting music;As the line of sight moves, the hand slowly turns over the page, and every now and then sip a cup of tea, or sip a sip of strong fragrant coffee.Linger on the burning pine fragrance, time slowly flowing but traces are difficult to detect...

With it, life is as elegant and beautiful as a poem.Fire glow, building life temperature, villa culture is more noble and complete.

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