Electric Fireplace With Mantel

Electric Fireplace With Mantel´╝ÜFireplace is popular among villas now, so what are the advantages of electric fireplace?

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Electric Fireplace With Mantel

Now people's requirements are higher and higher, in all aspects of the requirements are improved, such as the way of heating, now there are many kinds of heating, such as air conditioning heating, heating, fireplace, etc., now the fireplace is more popular among villas, so what are the advantages of electric fireplace?

The advantages of electric fireplaces

1. Ornamental effect.Incomparable real flame, rich in variety, dynamic, natural, this is including air conditioning and other heating methods are incomparable, is the real romantic warmth.
2. Nature, balance and health.True fire fireplace heating is the most natural way of heating.No electromagnetic, radiation and other pollution.Not dry not dry, comfortable, healthy, as if to introduce the sun inside the bedroom, to the home life of gold, wood, water, fire, earth and five elements perfect state.
Environmental protection.Real fire fireplace directly using wood (charcoal) or natural gas as fuel, is a renewable natural material, no need to convert to electricity, low cost, less loss, the most environmentally friendly.Burning produces ash or carbon dioxide and causes very little environmental pollution.
4. Unrestricted conditions of use.Winter temperature is very low or power failure, it is the most need for warmth, air conditioning is often not normal use.True fire fireplace is not affected by any environment, no matter how bad the weather can be used normally.

Main introduction of electric fireplace with mantel:


Electric Fireplace With Mantel


We offer customization in size, color, and design. 


Over 30-year factory experience


Outer in 3cm standard wooden crate, inner in plastic or foam

Arrival time

40-60 days after deposit (15-20days to produce, 25-35days to transport)


High polished or honed


We can take orders according to photo or drawing from you

Quality Standard

1.Strict Quality Control and Supervision System Guarantees Good Quality.
2.First Inspection: Select A Grade raw material.
3.Second Inspection: Monitoring the whole process.
4.Third Inspection: Checking pieces by pieces, Color Difference Control.
5.Well packed to prevent damage during long distance transportation.

Main picture of electric fireplace products with mantel:

06.03 electric fireplace with mantel F-162--BL1000X1000