Fireplace Mantel Ideas

Fireplace Mantel Ideas:A separate or wall-mounted indoor heating system powered by combustibles and equipped with chimneys that originated in western homes or palaces.

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Fireplace Mantel Ideas

1. How do I know whether I need a built-in stove or a new wall stove?
If you already have a brick or stone fireplace, or a standard factory fireplace, and you want to convert it to a gas fireplace, the cheapest way to do it is to add a built-in stove.If you have transformed equipment in the home and never had any direct built-in structures, then you need a direct vent fireplace, no openings or chimneys.

2. Must chimney be used for gas fireplace exhaust?
The beauty of direct ventilation is that you don't have to go up on the roof to dig vents.All you need is an outward-facing wall, depending on the type of product you choose.This not only makes the installation flexible, but also saves money.

3. What is the difference between type B vent and direct vent?
Depending on how the air is introduced to burn the gas, the type B exhaust USES the air inside the home to pass through the fire chamber.A direct vent draws air from the outdoors through a pipe into an airtight fire chamber.Direct vents are better and safer for today's confined Spaces in homes.Because they don't use indoor air or conflict to recycle the same air as the bathroom fan.Products with type B vents are generally cheaper to install, but are more sensitive to the use of indoor air for circulation.

4.gas fireplace exhaust pipe which way is safer?
At present, the most advanced gas fireplace exhaust pipe is the balance type pipe, even in the state of power failure can still be used safely, and do not consume indoor oxygen, combustion exhaust completely outdoor.And the gas fireplace of strong platoon type must be in the circumstance lower part that has report can be used, can produce great safety hidden trouble otherwise.

A brief introduction to the products above the fireplace:


Fireplace Mantel Ideas


We offer customization in size, color, and design. 


Over 30-year factory experience


Outer in 3cm standard wooden crate, inner in plastic or foam

Arrival time

40-60 days after deposit (15-20days to produce, 25-35days to transport)


High polished or honed


We can take orders according to photo or drawing from you

Quality Standard

1.Strict Quality Control and Supervision System Guarantees Good Quality.
2.First Inspection: Select A Grade raw material.
3.Second Inspection: Monitoring the whole process.
4.Third Inspection: Checking pieces by pieces, Color Difference Control.
5.Well packed to prevent damage during long distance transportation.

A simple picture of the product over the fireplace: