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The fireplace is a classic element in western architecture.

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Red Marble Fireplace Supplier

Our fireplace is made of fine and professional stone carvers. The elegant carved marble fireplace is the most popular fireplace door cover series in the American architectural market.Xingaoshi stone carving and the best marble carving master cooperation elaborate design, carving processing and a large supply of more than 100 different styles of marble carved fireplace door cover roof and floor.Whether it is the marble fireplace of exquisite beyond compare French style or luxuriant and colorful Victoria style marble fireplace, or classic England marble fireplace, lei yi can offer the product that lets you complete satisfaction certainly.Stones suitable for making such finely carved fireplaces include marble, limestone and cavern stones.Fireplace specific stone selection and size can be determined according to customer project requirements.We have a large selection of marble, dolomite and limestone colors for you to choose from and offer discounts to bulk customers.

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Luxury decoration does not have to cost a lot of capital.This kind of simple marble fireplace can achieve such a goal.Simple marble fireplace can be a cheap way to natural stone natural elegant elements into the modern interior decoration environment.The materials suitable for processing this kind of simple fireplace include almost all kinds of natural stones, such as marble, granite, limestone and cavern, etc. Even SLATE can be used as the raw material for making this kind of fireplace door cover.Fireplace specific stone selection and size can be determined by the customer project.Different from the carved fireplace, the simple fireplace can be mass produced, so it is suitable for large-scale construction projects with tight schedule, such as hotel, apartment, community and other decoration projects.All lei yi marble fireplace all configures the fireplace door that main body color agrees to cover baseplate and furnace chamber coaming.