Stove Fireplace

Stove Fireplace:A separate or wall-mounted indoor heating system powered by combustibles and equipped with chimneys that originated in western homes or palaces.

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Stove Fireplace

1. Pour concrete into the foundation, if it hasn't been done yet.To lay the foundation, a trench is dug and the foundation is reinforced by a seismic plate compactor.Cement is mixed into the foundation and allowed to sit for at least 24 hours, if not longer.

2.Check with the neighboring building authority to see how deep the foundation needs to be dug.At some sites, concrete foundations need to be as little as six feet deep, while at others they need to be more than an inch deep.
Note: concrete and mortar, though similar, are different binders and should be used differently.Lay a foundation of concrete and, if necessary, mortar to hold concrete or cinder blocks in place.

3. Put some mortar on the foundation and start pouring concrete or cinder blocks.Strictly follow the construction plan to ensure that every line of cinder is calibrated.
When building the plinth, make sure the alignment is used to make the concrete or cinder bed even.
If cinder is used to build, mortar is injected between columns and between blocks.

4. If necessary, place your firebricks in the furnace.Special care should be taken when installing firebricks in the furnace.It is important to set a pleasing pattern and mix and match the stucco.
Choose a good setting for firebricks.The effect of laying bricks along is good.Find the center of the brick and mark a line along the front of the furnace.
On the left and right sides of the bisector, flush the firebrick surface, leaving a gap of about 1/4 inch between the two bricks.Quickly lay a brick on top of two bricks, in the middle of them.On top of this, lay two bricks in the same pattern as at first.
Mix the plaster into the hot plaster.This way the heat of the flame does not erode the mortar that holds the bricks together.
When placing firebricks, cut off the corners if necessary.The middle pieces should be easy to place without needing to be cut, and the corners will force you to cut them smaller.

A brief introduction to fireplace products:


Stove Fireplace


We offer customization in size, color, and design. 


Over 30-year factory experience


Outer in 3cm standard wooden crate, inner in plastic or foam

Arrival time

40-60 days after deposit (15-20days to produce, 25-35days to transport)


High polished or honed


We can take orders according to photo or drawing from you

Quality Standard

1.Strict Quality Control and Supervision System Guarantees Good Quality.
2.First Inspection: Select A Grade raw material.
3.Second Inspection: Monitoring the whole process.
4.Third Inspection: Checking pieces by pieces, Color Difference Control.
5.Well packed to prevent damage during long distance transportation.

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