White Fireplace Surround

White Fireplace Surround:Independent or wall-mounted indoor heating, powered by combustible materials, with internal chimneys, originated in western homes or palaces.

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White Fireplace Surround

How to choose white fireplace?

1. Generally speaking, the bedroom and the sitting room are the occasion of the use of the fireplace, the main function of the bedroom placement fireplace for heating, can choose a smaller villa fireplace, take jinan fireplace as an example, the size of 700*660*500(mm) fireplace heating area can reach 30-90 square meters, to meet the needs of villa bedroom heating.And living room with fireplace basically is the purpose of the whole house decorate a style, reveal master style and taste, plus the villa living room space is compared commonly big, so the fireplace in the choose and buy, can choose larger fireplace, the current domestic cast iron fireplace large size is 1.06 m, is the main rudder fireplace is designed for villa space.
2. Villa fireplaces are mainly divided into built-in fireplaces, freestanding fireplaces, hanging fireplaces and other customized fireplaces.The embedded fireplace needs to be reserved for smoke exhaust when the villa is designed, and it is usually used with mantel or decorative fireplace, which is an integral part of the villa decoration style and elegant.Independent fireplace is not subject to decoration restrictions, does not destroy the existing decoration, can be installed in any location, suitable for the villa has been decorated;General villa user choose and buy these two kinds of fireplace are more.

White fireplace around the main product introduction:


White Fireplace Surround


We offer customization in size, color, and design. 


Over 30-year factory experience


Outer in 3cm standard wooden crate, inner in plastic or foam

Arrival time

40-60 days after deposit (15-20days to produce, 25-35days to transport)


High polished or honed


We can take orders according to photo or drawing from you

Quality Standard

1.Strict Quality Control and Supervision System Guarantees Good Quality.
2.First Inspection: Select A Grade raw material.
3.Second Inspection: Monitoring the whole process.
4.Third Inspection: Checking pieces by pieces, Color Difference Control.
5.Well packed to prevent damage during long distance transportation.

White fireplace around the main picture of the product: