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Fountains for Sale:Is constructed by the plastic or natural spring pool, to spray beautiful water posture, for people to watch the water.Fountain is an important landscape, it is a kind of waterscape art, reflects the combination of dynamic, static, forming a bright and lively atmosphere, to enjoy the United States.

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Fountains For Sale

One of the most beautiful sculptural works of art in Rome, Italy, the trevi fountain is 25.9 meters (85 feet) high and 19.8 meters (65 feet) wide and is one of the most famous fountain projects in the world.According to Roman legend, a traveler who threw copper COINS into a pool could quickly return to Rome.And like lo...Horse people also like to throw copper COINS into the pool to make wishes.COINS pile up in the pool and are regularly salvaged every week for the benefit of orphans.Hence the fountain's name.

Completed in 1762, the fountain was designed by the architect NicolaSalvi and took 30 years to complete.A series of large marble fountains depicting the victorious image of the god of the sea.Baroque architectural style, beautiful appearance, rich decoration, strong three-dimensional sense, the whole fountain momentum pound reef, magnificent atmosphere.

Introduction to the main products sold by fountain:


Fountains for Sale


We can make the size in accordance with client's requirement

Availale Materials

Marble, Travertine, Sandstone, Limestone, Granite

Available Colors

White, Yellow, Black, Light Red, Grey,etc.


Garden, Hotel, Landscape, Park, Villa

Quality control

extremely strict quality control to assure good quality and on time delivery


We can make a garden gazebo according to your Pictures or CAD designs.Please contact us for professional advice and more information about dimensions, price and shipment


30% deposit, balance against copy bill of loading


Plastic film and foam inside, wooden crate outside. In addition, we will buy "all risks" as per your requirement. In the case of damage, firstly, we can claim the damage. If the damager occures due to improper packing, my company will take all the responsibility.


Minimium order

1 set

Lead time

Usually 3 weeks, depends on total quantity


Shipment / Air

Customer Range

Shop Owners
International Distributors
Personal Buyers
Architectural Designers
Architectural Contractors
Landscape Designer

Pictures of the main products sold by the fountain:


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