Large Outdoor Fountains

Large fountains are an important part of gardens.

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Large Outdoor Fountains

The main water supply forms of large outdoor fountains are: direct flow water supply, water pump circulation water supply, submersible pump circulation water supply.

Large outdoor fountain nozzle is the main part of the fountain art modeling, its role is to have a certain pressure of water, through the nozzle modeling, the formation of gorgeous spray, spray in the sky above the water.Various sprinkler head combination configuration, more can create a variety of water landscape, exciting, exciting, produce wonderful artistic effect.There are many types of fountain heads, which can be divided into direct injection, rotation, water film, suction, atomization and other types according to their different structures.According to the flow of flowers can be divided into dandelion, morning glory, morning glory, mushrooms, ice tower, screen and spray nozzle and other types.

Large outdoor fountain:

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