Outdoor Waterfall Fountain

Outdoor Waterfall Fountain:Artificial plastic or natural spring pool to spray beautiful water posture, for people to watch the water.Fountain is an important landscape, it is a kind of waterscape art, reflects the combination of dynamic, static, forming a bright and lively atmosphere, to enjoy the United States.

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Outdoor Waterfall Fountain

When the pressure is determined, if the cross-sectional area of the liquid flow outlet is reduced, the flow rate will increase, and the liquid flow will be ejected from the small orifice with a long distance.
The more kinetic energy a body has, the faster it moves, and the more distance it will travel in a given amount of time.The fountain is powered by a water pump.The power of the pump P= pressure P flow q.In the pipeline, water flows with the force F generated by pressure p. The greater F is, the greater the kinetic energy is. How to increase the force F?According to the formula, p=F/A (flow area of A pipe), reducing A can increase the force F.According to the law of material immortality, the flow into the pipe is equal to the flow out, and the flow in the pipe is q=A v (v velocity).When the flow rate is determined, the smaller the flow area A is, the larger the flow rate will be, and the greater the flow distance will be.It can be seen from the above that reducing the cross-sectional area of the pipeline outlet will increase the velocity of the liquid flow. The fountain is to increase the pressure of the liquid flow, and make the outlet small and short (less flow time, rapid jet), so as to obtain the thin and high water column -- fountain.

The main products of outdoor waterfall fountain are introduced:

NameOutdoor Waterfall Fountain
Diameterwe can make the size in accordance with client's requirement
Availale MaterialsMarble, Travertine, Sandstone, Limestone, Granite
Available ColorsWhite, Yellow, Black, Light Red, Grey,etc.
UsageGarden, Hotel, Landscape, Park, Villa
Quality controlextremely strict quality control to assure good quality and on time delivery
ServiceWe can make a garden gazebo according to your Pictures or CAD designs.Please contact us for professional advice and more information about dimensions, price and shipment
Payment30% deposit, balance against copy bill of loading
PackingPlastic film and foam inside, wooden crate outside. In addition, we will buy "all risks" as per your requirement. In the case of damage, firstly, we can claim the damage. If the damager occures due to improper packing, my company will take all the responsibility.

Minimium order1 set
Lead timeUsually 3 weeks, depends on total quantity
TransportationShipment / Air
Customer RangeShop Owners
International Distributors
Personal Buyers
Architectural Designers
Architectural Contractors
Landscape Designer

Main pictures of the main products of outdoor waterfall fountain:

Fountain Garden

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