Stone Fountain

As the name suggests, a stone fountain is a fountain carved from stone.

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Stone Fountain

As the name suggests, a stone fountain is a fountain carved from stone.One of the most common is the wind water ball fountain.Generally through water impact stone ball rotation, a symbol of "bonanza".

Stone wind water polo fountain of the wind water polo can rotate the principle is:

1, the wind water ball fountain chassis (column) water, with the pump pumping upward spurt and impulse above the stone ball, the stone ball long-term rotation, a symbol of "bonanza".

2, the upward flow of water is a certain pressure and speed, there is a ball under the ball, due to the increase of the contact surface, the water capsule in the ball can increase the water pump impulse many times, so that the pump has enough momentum to the wind water ball ball.

3. Water gushes out from below in a large area and has a large contact surface with the buoyancy of the ball. Therefore, it seems that the water is not rushing but can rotate the ball, because the buoyancy of the water exerts a complete force on the surface of the ball.The friction between the water and the ball is small, water is equivalent to lubricating oil, so the resistance of the ball rotation is basically the gravity on the vertical side of the ball.A small force in the horizontal direction will cause the ball to rotate.

4, the horizontal direction of the force from the ball holder slightly tilted, so that the wind on both sides of the ball ball spherical force becomes uneven, water also from the high side of the ball, then the wind on the ball rotation, wind from water, money rolling.This is our reverie.

Stone fountain display:

Backyard water fountain

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