Best Granite Countertops

Best Granite Countertops

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Best Granite Countertops

Granite is ideal for countertops because it is beautiful and durable.Adding granite countertops to your kitchen adds beauty and taste.When choosing and buying granite mesa, color, smooth degree, the factor such as edge and ply should give consideration.Some installation elements must be known before installation.Here are some tips on choosing granite countertops and key purchases.
Step 1: price comparison.Many granite installation companies offer free installations.Therefore, to compare prices, aimed at the lowest price to buy the best quality stone.Check granite samples, engineering, pictures and customer comments.
The 2nd pace: choose the color of granite according to domestic style.Granite is a kind of natural stone material, the change of color is very normal.So you don't have to buy granite countertops in the same color as the sample.
Step 3: granite defects affect structural integrity.Granite has natural dents and scratches, but this does not affect its beauty, but adds to its natural beauty.If you are concerned about granite defects and color, you can choose granite slabs.
Step 4: choose the style of the sink.No matter which flume you choose, granite manufacturers will charge you extra if cutting is required.You must provide the sink template to the manufacturer, therefore, the best sink to buy priority.
Step 5: choose the thickness.Granite countertops are usually 2-3 centimeters or 3/4 to 1 inch thick.A 3cm granite countertop is more expensive, but stronger and more attractive.But 2cm granite countertops usually need plywood to support them and trim them.
Step 6: identify edge styles.If you don't like the standard style, you can ask the manufacturer to design it to order.When you use cabinets or other furniture together, you need to edge the countertops.
Step 7: ask the manufacturer if you can install without gaps.Granite crevices are common, and you can install them seamlessly, but at a higher cost.Some workers leave cracks next to the granite gutters, but they will gradually be destroyed by the long-term infiltration of water.

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