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Black Granite Countertops

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Black Granite Countertops

What are granite countertops
Granite mesa as its name suggests is the mesa that makes with granite, usually granite does mesa to be applied in Europe and the United States is more extensive, the main concentration that does mesa with granite at home is in the kitchen and wash clothes pool.Domestic more popular kitchen countertops have black sands, Indian red, British brown and other imported granite, shanxi black, Mongolia black and other domestic black granite.
Advantage: serve as material of traditional ambry mesa, granite density is big, hardness is tall, the surface is very wear-resisting, this reduced the possibility that hides filth and dirt on certain level.It has been proved that granite has better resistance to bacterial regeneration among all the materials that can be used for kitchen countertops.
Disadvantages: limitations of natural materials.The length of natural stone material does not grow normally, want to make it to pass so long integral mesa, can have juncture for certain, place of these juncture conceals dirt easily likewise.If you like natural materials very much, granite with strong antibacterial ability is an ideal choice, just pay special attention to the construction workers' seam level.
Take a look at what ordinary consumers say about granite countertops
Granite mesa
Advantages: hard texture, easy to use, beautiful appearance, I choose this material now, feel more practical, especially I like cooking very much, knock a dried fruit, do a white chicken this kind of table is no problem.
Drawback: 1, cannot an organic whole model, granite is a piece of long stone, one word mesa is no problem, but the mesa that has corner can be a side only of a stone material go all out, cannot make it a whole.Do decorative cornice is not as beautiful as artificial stone.
2, stone materials have natural pores, so long oil will be absorbed by the pores of stone materials, mesa is not smooth.At this time you can ask a professional cleaning company to do a cleaning can.(personally, I think it's better than polishing a countertop.)
3, granite contains a certain amount of radiation, the deeper the color of the stone, the higher the radiation content.But there is no real evidence to show who because the kitchen with normal natural stone what disease, and all commercial places a lot of use, environmental monitoring departments did not think that is wrong, so I personally can accept.

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