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Volga Blue Granite

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Volga Blue Granite

The variety of blue stone in nature is extremely rare, its formation age is long, pure blue stone at least 1 billion years above, the annual mining quantity is limited.All over the world, pure blue natural stone can only be seen in parts of Brazil, South Africa and Turkey.
Blue stone to respect, blue stone in nature is the most rare and precious.At the same time blue can match the any color in popular palette, get stylist favour more consequently.
Cloisonne, from Brazil, South America, because it is rich in lapis lazuli, and very valuable.In addition to the value of lapis lazuli, because of its deep and mysterious charm of the blue into luxury stone product blue series of supreme.Extraordinary blue, as if the vast sky, the stars in general thorough.
Lapis lazuli color as the sky, or gold dust scattered, brilliant, if the stars are beautiful in the sky.Therefore, ancient people respect lapis lazuli as "heaven stone", which is used as the treasure of heaven.
Gem blue is rich in natural colors, strong texture, elegant and generous, clear lines, smooth.

Bolivian blue: the stone is firm and moist, the color is quiet, lively, steady, noble natural texture, hazy elegance, highlighting the unique romantic atmosphere of Bolivian blue.
Blue sands: clear lines, the overall color sense is simple and rich in texture changes, calm atmosphere and fashion delicate.
Blue jade: with the characteristics of gem, the material shows a beautiful visual sense, giving us a calm, rational atmosphere.
Karabica: white crystal clear, blue elegant and refined, elegant lines such as the sky floating clouds circulation, clever, natural.
Sea ice blue: in fact, is "tianhe stone", the color between blue and green, with white texture in the middle, texture is bright, transparency is good, the surface has a silky glass luster.Structure and jade very similar, unique twin crystal structure, quality "tianhe stone" can even be used as a substitute for jade.

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