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Custom Granite Countertops

The material that does ambry cabinet put oneself in another's position with stone material commonly is the marble that USES sex to compare price taller or granite (price and lumber are equal), all belong to natural stone material.Say natural stone material, what likelihood everybody can think of is to have radioactivity, right, the cabinet put oneself in another's position that does ambry with stone material can have radioactive object really inside, although stone material has course special processing, but still do not suit personnel long stay.
Do ambry cabinet put oneself in another's position with stone material to have the advantage that moistureproof sex, heat-resisting, hard, property is stable, use fixed number of year to grow really, but return to natural stone material this respect will tell even, because be natural stone material, as a result of weather moisture, flow out water drop from stone surface, stone has color, dirty also see not clear.And have water to return easy grow moss, this is a shortcoming that lets a person unbearable.
Additional, do cabinet put oneself in another's position to install cabinet door with stone material to be able to compare complex, need above all on stone material cabinet put oneself in another's position reserved position insets wooden frame, install hinge to fix cabinet door on wooden frame next.If some installation personnel technology is not good it is easy to cause cabinet and cabinet door is not coordinated.

The advantage of stone cabinet
1, no deformation, high hardness, wear resistance.After long-term natural aging, the rock has uniform structure, minimal linear expansion coefficient, complete disappearance of internal stress and no deformation.Not afraid of acid, alkali erosion, will not rust, do not have to oil, not easy to stick dust, maintenance, maintenance convenient and simple, long service life.
2, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, maintenance free.Good rigidity, high hardness, high wear resistance, low temperature deformation.Will not appear scratches, not by the constant temperature condition to prevent, at normal temperature can also maintain its original physical properties.
3. Physical stability, careful organization, no burr on the surface due to impact grain falling off, which does not affect its plane accuracy, stable material, can guarantee long-term deformation, small linear expansion coefficient, high mechanical accuracy, rust, antimagnetic, insulation.No magnetization, can move smoothly when measuring, no lag feeling, not affected by moisture, plane weighing well.
4, we all know marble is a very expensive material, the surface design is diverse, color also has multiple choices, many rich people like to choose this material, it will gradually reflect the status of people, therefore, most people choose marble is to see in this point.
5, short-term easy cleaning, marble in addition to the beautiful appearance, can status, or has other advantages, high temperature resistance of marble is very good, for the kitchen of the relatively high temperature environment, it won't create any impact, and marble is not afraid of water, usually stains as long as a wipe with a towel and the serious also will add some detergent.

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