Dark Granite Countertops

Dark Granite Countertops

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Dark Granite Countertops

Natural stone material is a kind of high-grade decorative material with natural aesthetic feeling and unique texture. The surface looks fine and hard, but due to its natural nature and diversity of mineral structure, as well as the existence of many defects and problems of stone material itself, in fact, natural stone material is very delicate.Natural stone material needs to be careful when installation and laid not only, should pay attention to caress and maintain meticulously more in daily use at the same time.
Due to the special environmental conditions of the bathroom and bathroom, its water and gas, moisture, mold and dirt, and often contact with detergent and other daily chemicals, so the stone bath is very easy to be polluted, once maintenance is not good, the stone surface will be corroded, become bleak without light, or even appear color line.
So in daily life, be careful not to use the shampoo containing dye, don't use soap and shampoo containing artificial color, and without the use of acidic or alkaline XiDiPin, should be neutral detergent to clean the surface, as far as possible dry stone material surface, have collapsed to the stone material surface contaminants to immediately wipe clean, and so on.

Marble mesa texture soft and beautiful solemn, elegant style;Good rigidity, high hardness, strong wear resistance, low temperature deformation;Easy to clean, low water absorption.Because the bathroom ark is not too big and not usually modelling, so do not need to undertake flat-fell seam adhesive using natural stone, and bathroom cabinet use there will be no oil, so the natural stone can't joint and the shortcomings of infiltration, on the bathroom counter the application did not exist, so the surface modelling simple bathroom counter is can choose natural stone material.

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