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Discount Granite Countertops

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Discount Granite Countertops

Granite advantages and disadvantages
Granite merit
1, granite is very hard, the surface particle is coarser, basically consist of quartz, orthoclase, with common mica, suit to use very much in a few people flow to compare big and the place that friction compares big.Granite is beautiful, durable and very hard.In ancient times, with today's mining and processing equipment and technology, it would have been more popular than marble.
2, granite because often contain other mineral, be like hornblende and mica, and present all sorts of color, include: brown, green, red and common black to wait.Because it crystallization process is slow, its crystals like rubik's cube like one another intertwined, so it is very hard.Not to drop debris, not easy to scratch, not afraid of high temperature.It is almost uncontaminated, polished to a high gloss, and all kinds of weather impurities can hardly stick.
3. Granite is also affordable. Thanks to new methods of mining, cutting, and polishing, its cost has been greatly reduced over the past few decades.
4, granite does not pollute the environment, synthetic materials often accompanied by bad or even toxic by-products, in the use of the building period needs to be replaced several times;Granite does not need replacing because it is very durable.In addition, granite is very practical, can make a variety of surface polishing, matt, fine grinding, fire, water knife treatment and sandblasting.
Granite fault
Granitic has the limitation of natural qualitative material, the length of natural stone material is not long normally, want to make it so large ground shop is installed, can have juncture for certain, place of these juncture conceals dirt easily likewise.If you like natural materials very much, granite with strong antibacterial ability is an ideal choice, just pay special attention to the construction workers' seam level.Granite is radioactive. There are a few rocks with radioactive objects in them. Granite belongs to this category.The radioactivity of general granite, what do mesa is to want to pass strict quality to check more, the radioactivity of mesa that accords with a standard still is low than computer screen.

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