Granite Bathroom Countertops

Granite Bathroom Countertops

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Granite Bathroom Countertops

The pros and cons of granite countertops for bathroom cabinets
The natural stone material color nature, the variety is various, has the primitive and simple elegance, the natural and magnificent decoration effect, deeply by the architectural designer and the family decoration consumer's favorite.Granite is usually visible on the countertops of bathroom cabinets in luxury bathrooms.
Natural granite mesa
Granite, an igneous rock with fewer pores, is used as a traditional material for cabinet countertops. Its performance and advantages are as follows:
A. high density, high hardness, the surface is very wear-resistant, which to some extent reduces the possibility of dirt and dirt.The test of better antibacterial property proves that granite has better antibacterial regeneration ability among all the materials that can be used for kitchen countertops.
B. The texture of natural stone is very beautiful and hard, with outstanding scratch resistance and good abrasion resistance.
C, low cost, design and color are different, the most commonly used several kinds of price only 200 yuan about a meter, belongs to the most economical material of a mesa.
Maintenance of granite:
A. Use A soft cloth to clean the table. The cleaner should be neutral and non-abrasive.Use a mild dishwashing liquid and water.
B. Some household cleaners can be used to clean the table but will leave traces.Remember, the more irritating the product, the more likely it is to break the surface of the curing agent.Warm water and sponges are the best cleaning products.
C. vinegar mixed with water to make a solution can remove stains, grease, etc.
D. Avoid contact with pure black granite with citric acid, vinegar or other acidic products, as countertops are easily corroded by acid.
E, the occasional use of furniture glazing materials can prevent fingering granite and make the table look more beautiful.
F. High temperature and low temperature will not damage granite.The tableware of high temperature can put granite mesa directly.
G. If there are gaps on the table, it is best to avoid putting high-temperature items in the gaps.The epoxy resin in the crevice melts when exposed to high temperatures for a long time.

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