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Granite Bathroom

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Granite Bathroom

Granite is considered a symbol of wealth, taste and beauty, but it is not very expensive.It has a wide range of USES and can be used for walls, countertops, floors, etc. It is inherently durable and versatile.Yet despite its fine properties, some people are skeptical about using granite in bathrooms.Why or why not?Here are some of the main considerations.
Economy: despite their luxurious appearance, they have high economic value.Not only is it reasonably priced, but also excellent quality and reasonable price, it is very resistant to wear and tear.As a result, it has a very long service life and can last for decades.
Scratch-resistant: they are all made of very hard materials that will not be damaged by scraping.So even if you want to scrub the walls, you don't have to worry about scratching the surface.In fact, granite is second only to diamonds in hardness.In addition, granite has high heat and pressure resistance, making it an ideal material for bathroom walls.
Bibulous rate is low: because granite does not belong to the stone material of porous property basically, so their bibulous rate is low.Therefore, there is not much need to seal, especially dark floor tiles.
The choice of colors is limited: each brick is unique, but its choice of colors is limited, only those that exist naturally.If you like your bathroom wall or desk to be a little more colorful, you may find that the options are too limited.
Slippery: like other materials, granite absorbs water and becomes slippery.If it is in a damp place such as bathroom floor granite installation there is a certain risk.This is one of the main reasons why granite is not used as a floor in swimming pools and hot springs like some other natural stones.Instead, granite is used for walls.

The price is more expensive: in decorating, the floor also needs to invest a lot.As a result, granite may overshoot the budget, but as we mentioned before, most people can afford it now.

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