Emerald Pearl Granite

Emerald Pearl Granite

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Emerald Pearl Granite


1. Elegant appearance
The most advantageous feature of natural stone is its chic and delicate appearance.It can improve the appearance of an entire home or office.
Granite floors are available in a huge variety of patterns and colors.Because it is a natural stone, each pattern is unique and different.It can improve the appearance of the floor by combining different styles and colors.
3. Durability
One of the most important advantages of using these floor tiles is their durability.It is the hardest natural stone known.The floor remains intact even if heavy objects fall.Generally rarely retains any stains when coffee, juice or other drinks spill on it.It can also be used in high-flow areas because it does not cause wear or damage.
4. Low maintenance
Because this natural stone is durable, it requires almost no maintenance.The appearance of these floors can be maintained by regularly cleaning them with wet mops.Color and gloss of floor surfaces can be maintained on a periodic basis by applying sealants.
5. Safe and non-allergic
This type of floor is completely safe for people with an allergic constitution, as it has almost no retained dirt or dust.In addition, there are non-slip floor surfaces, which can be used to prevent the risk of falls.
6. Versatility
Use these floor tiles in different fields.It can also be used in hospitals, ticket counters and other areas because it is safe and hygienic.


1. The selection of colors is limited
Each brick is unique, but its choice of colors is limited, only those that exist naturally.If you like your bathroom wall or desk to be a little more colorful, you may find that the options are too limited.
2, easy to slip
Like other materials, granite absorbs water and becomes slippery.If it is in a damp place such as bathroom floor granite installation there is a certain risk.This is one of the main reasons why granite is not used as a floor in swimming pools and hot springs like some other natural stones.
3. The price is expensive
In decorating, the floor also needs to invest a lot.As a result, granite may overshoot the budget.

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