Granite Countertops Colors

Granite Countertops Colors

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Granite Countertops Colors

Granite is a kind of igneous rock, which is generally formed by volcanic materials. Due to its unique physical characteristics and beautiful patterns, it becomes an important stone for home decoration design. So, what kinds of colors do you know about granite?How should choose and buy granite?

How many colors are there in granite?
1. Red series
Sichuan red, asbestos red, cen xi red, tiger skin red, cherry red, pinggu red, azalea red, rose red, imperial concubine red, lu qinghong, lianzhou big red, etc.
2. Yellow and red series
Cenxi orange-red, east stay flesh red, lianzhou light red, xing peach red, xing yang-red, light red floret, sakura red, coral flower, tiger skin yellow, etc.
3. Grey and white series
White stone flower, white tiger stream, black white flower, sesame white, white, lingnan white, jinan white, sichuan white, etc.
4. Black series
Light green black, pure black, sesame black, sichuan black, yantai black, shen Yang black, changchun black, etc.
5. Cyan series
Sesame green, rice easy green, fine maqing, jinan green, bamboo green, chrysanthemum green, blue, asparagus green, south xiongqing, panxilan, etc.

The 1940s (Gilluly, 1948) were illupped with H.H.Read stands for "change theory" and N.L.The debate among the magmologists represented by Bowen ended with more and more scholars agreeing on the magma origin of granite.But where did the magma that makes up the granite come from?Use the Bowen said: Whence the granites?Where does granite come from?
The overwhelming consensus on this question is that granite is formed by the partial melting and solidification of rocks of various components in the earth's crust.This view combines two different early understandings of the origin of granite: the magmatic theory (which holds that granite comes from magma crystallization) and the morph theory (which holds that granite is a silica-rich sedimentary rock transformed by granitization under dry or water-bearing conditions).Granite is crustal rocks by super metamorphic anatexis) as a result, the study of the origin of the earth's crust and chemical differentiation is of great significance, because their thermal state with a particular period of the earth's crust and the original rock composition, including how much can produce granite magma, granite formation temperature and water and the number of sources, tectonic setting and tectonic process and so on.

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