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Quartz Granite

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Quartz Granite


1. Non-toxic and radiation-free
Quartz stone is a natural stone crystal mineral, belongs to one of the inorganic materials, in the production process and after purification of the basic elimination of harmful substances, and the surface is smooth, flat and no scratches retention, dense non-porous material structure so that bacteria have no place to hide, can be in direct contact with food, safe and non-toxic.
2. High temperature resistance
Natural quartz crystal is a typical refractory material, its melting point as high as 1300 degrees above, 93% of natural quartz made of quartz stone completely flame retardant, will not cause combustion due to contact with high temperature, also has artificial stone and other table incomparable high temperature characteristics.
3. Long use time
Quartz surface luster bright new surface is after more than 30 complex process of hua tao, shovel scratch will not be the knife, not as liquid substance infiltration, won't produce the problem such as yellowing and discoloration, daily cleaning with new water wash, simple, even after a long time for use, its surface is the same as new mesa bright beautiful, no need for maintenance and maintenance.
4, not easy to penetrate, corrosion resistance
Quartz is under vacuum conditions in manufacturing the same, dense non-porous composite material, the surface of quartz to kitchen has excellent corrosion resistance, such as ph, daily use liquid substance will not penetrate its internal, for a long time on the surface of the liquid with water or clean and bright such as cleaner can be erased by rag, stranded on the surface of the blade away if necessary.
5, not easy to scratch
Quartz stone its quartz content is as high as 93%, quartz crystal is the natural mineral in nature hardness second only to diamond, its surface hardness can be as high as mohs hardness 7, far more than the kitchen used by the knife shovel and other sharp tools, will not be scratched.


1. High price
Serve as a kind of very high-grade stone material, the market price of quartz stone mesa is very high, it is to be controlled in 1000 yuan commonly, compare common marble, the price tower above of man-made stone these stone material is very much.
2. Seamless stitching is not possible
Due to its high hardness, seamless stitching like acrylic cannot be achieved. In order to meet the requirements of seamless stitching of customers, some cabinet companies will polish the joint, but because the surface of the table is anti-permeability factory after more than 30 rounds of polishing, manual damage after polishing is not able to do this technology, it is easy to appear in the later period of penetration and other phenomena.
3. Relatively simple
As a result of quartz stone mesa, hardness is too strong, not easy to process, shape is too single.

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