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Granite Countertops Price

To properly understand the so-called granite problem, one must first understand how geologists arrived at their conclusions.It is therefore necessary to expound systematically the knowledge of ideas that have existed for a century or more.It can be seen from these statements that many of the "new concepts" that have developed in the last 20 or 30 years are those of the past 100 years or so
A topic that has been debated and debated for 150 years.
In the 1930s, there was a heated debate among geologists about which granites were magmatic and which metamorphic or metasomorphic.The dispute began as early as the shuo theory and continued until the mid-19th century over the notion that granite was formed by deposition in an aqueous solution.Although metamorphic processes (leyer's term) have been known since Hutton, their properties are not well understood.Much has been written about the metamorphic formation of granite even before the use of microscopes.Hutton himself strongly advocates the idea of magma genesis.According to hutton's opinion, the characteristics of unconformity intrusion of granite into stratified rocks, coarse grain crystalline fabric and diagenetic granite veins are all considered as evidence of the formation of granite by "subterranean lava", which was later called "magma".
It has long been noted that if water is not assumed to exist, there is much that cannot be explained well.This is particularly important in the case of granite, and it is necessary to state in advance a problem which was revived more than a decade ago.Spllanzani (1794) may have been the first to recognize the genetic significance of water in molten rock.Later, Scorp (1825) explored the significance of water in lava, while Scheerer (1862) more clearly linked the existence of water with granite magma.

Magmatic hydrothermal deposit
(1) rare metal pegmatite deposits related to shallow type granites in the crust;
(2) rare metal granite deposits related to shallow type granites in the crust;
(3) porphyry copper and molybdenum deposits related to the deep type granite in the crust.
Hydrothermal deposit
(1) the 'skarn deposit' related to the shallow type granite in the crust and the geosynchronous deep type granite;
(2) yuntzite deposits related to shallow type granites in the crust,
(3) gold-bearing quartz vein deposits related to deep-mail granite in the earth's crust.
(4) vein-like lead-zinc deposits related to deep postulate granite in the crust:
(5) intrusive massive sulfide deposits related to deep - crust granites.

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