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Kerb refers to the boundary stone set at the road edge, also known as tartar or edge stone, it is on the road to distinguish between the road, sidewalk, green space, separation zone and other parts of the road boundary, to ensure the safety of pedestrians, vehicles and ensure the road edge neat role.The form of kerb is vertical, inclined and flat.

Quality standard of kerb
Roadside stone material quality requirements: kerb stone use homogeneous structure of natural stone material mechanical machining, the strength of the stone must be qualified, its colour and lustre is uniform, no crack surface, edges and integrity, appearance is consistent, no obvious stain, color difference, there is no phenomenon of weathering, when loading and unloading are not allowed to fall, hit, hit, hit, lest cause damage.

Kerb processing requirements
The blanking is carried out according to the uniform length, the outside surface must be machine cut and polished, the allowable error of length is within ±20mm, and the allowable error of width, thickness and height is within ±2mm.

Kerb construction requirements
A. The kerb must be connected to the through line for construction. The elevation line should be tightened according to the top of the side plane.
B. The kerb must be built with block grouting, and the block grouting must be dense.
C. Dislocation at kerb joints shall not exceed 1mm;Side stone and stone must be evenly staggered in the middle.
D. The size and finish of the kerb side flat stone shall meet the design requirements.Beautiful appearance, part of the curved stone side should be designed according to the radius of special processing curved stone, masonry to ensure smooth line, smooth, joint tight.The arcuate side stone must be polished after manual fining.
E. The back of the kerb should be rammed with a width of no less than 50mm and a thickness of no less than 15mm.
F. Kerb hooking: when hooking, the line must be hung again. Remove the debris in the side stone joints, wet them with water, and then fill them with 1:2.5 cement mortar.
G. Properly water and maintain kerb after jointing and installation.

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