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In general, granite generally forms large bedrock.In fact, these bases are rarely granite, but mostly made up of granodiorites, steep rocks, and quartz diorites.However, some granites are thought to form a cap, basin, or domes.
The determination of the occurrence of granite is an important question, and the terms used to describe the occurrence are of considerable significance to those who adopt them.According to gilbert (gil-bert, 1877), the mantle is the result of the upward movement of magma, while the meaning of the basin is that magma is passively displaced into the space created by the collapse of the chassis.The term rockbase was recommended by hughes (Suess, 1895);It is difficult to infer the type of immersion of a rock base.Hughes himself once compared the process of magma rising through the earth's crust to "the process of forcing a hot poker through a wooden board".Still, this vivid metaphor is by no means an explanation (levensen-lexington).Kekirulf (1855) and mishel-levey believed that the rock mass was formed by the gradual assimilation of surrounding rocks by magma, and the rising speed of magma depended on the speed of magma digesting surrounding rocks and roof.Later, Cloos, in 1923, suggested that many of the masses that had been assumed to be rocks were actually large intrusive bedrock, and that the thorny issue of space was no longer an issue for emplacement.There is usually a granitic core surrounded by gneiss in the dome structure.Gadolin (1858), a Finnish geologist, was the first to describe the structure of the dome in the Ladoga region of Pusunsaari.According to his opinion, the dome structure is the intrusion into gneiss formation from the lower part of the granite rock mass, the dip Angle of the upper contact surface is relatively slow, and the downward Angle gradually increases, while the intrusion remains flat and the inclination decreases from the core to the outside.In 1951 escora explained the dome as follows: "as concluded in my 1949 paper, granitization, with the addition of large amounts of potassium and volume, has, in fact, altered the edge of the rock mass in particular, causing the uplift of the ancient intrusive body to penetrate the dome."

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