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Granite Imports

Cutting material mining is generally divided into the following steps:
(1) caprock stripping: it is a process of stripping the floating soil and non-rock strata covering the ore to facilitate the ore mining.Manual stripping is often used in mines, and only part of the mining sites are stripped by bulldozers, wheel loaders and other machinery.
(2) separation: it is the second process of separating the strip block stone from the ore bed original rock.Limited to the existing mining scale and production mode, mining waste is basically two methods: artificial gouge splitting and controlled blasting.Manual splitting method is the traditional manual gouging and wedge splitting method, which has relatively high labor intensity and low efficiency, but high wastage rate and easy to be reshaped.The controlled blasting method is to drill holes with a hand-held pneumatic drill and control blasting with a black explosive or a small cartridge.
(3) toppling: it is to tip over the strip of stone for cutting and separating.There are a variety of overturning tools such as manual jacks, hydraulic stone capping machine, push gas bag and traction method.The main methods used in the mine are jacks and traction.
(4) disintegration and division: it is to divide strip blocks into raw materials or waste materials according to the required scale.The method of disintegration and division is similar to that of separation, mainly using artificial wedge, gouge splitting and controlled blasting.
(5) shaping: shaping is to form the finished raw material conforming to the scale through certain processing of the raw material after segmentation.The methods of shaping include hand hammering, small hand-held drill, hand-held rock drill, beaded diamond rope saw and shaping machine.The methods used in mining are mainly simple methods such as hammer and chisel, without mechanical operation.
(6) hoisting and loading: it is the process of transporting the processed raw materials to the transportation vehicle.Lifting can be done with a variety of tools.Masts are often used in mines, and car cranes, loaders and crawlers are also used in a few mining sites.
(7) ballast removal: it is the process of transporting the uncut stone from the raw material processing plant.

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