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Granite Kitchen Tops

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Granite Kitchen Tops

Granite has the added benefit of improving the kitchen environment.Because its adornment effect is very good, appear a kitchen so more neat bright beautiful, the mood that can guarantee so is comfortable.

When you choose the material that suits the face plate of domestic kitchen counter, there are a lot of respects need to consider: design, color, price, practical, install, the sanitation condition above all.The food we buy can be seriously contaminated with disease-causing microbes, so kitchen utensils are crucial to ensuring food safety.Kitchen counter panels must be thoroughly cleaned after contact with raw food, otherwise cross infection may occur and people may become ill after eating food infected with the virus.

A study of panel cleaning in st. Paul, Minnesota, USA.Research institutes select material studies to provide data and reports for the food and retail industry.This particular study measured six of the most widely used cleanable table panels: sheet, wood, ceramic, concrete, stainless steel, and granite.

The results of the study showed that the affected tables and panels had different results when washed with soap and water and treated with water and vinegar to prevent bacteria.Granite is the second most resistant to bacterial regeneration, second only to stainless steel.When you're looking for a soft natural material that's not only aesthetically appealing but also antibacterial, granite is the best choice.In addition, the color of natural stone changeful production lines, so that each table has a unique style.For the most part, granite is so well maintained that you can even put a hot plate straight out of a microwave on a countertop, something that would be unthinkable for any other product.Granite is also a green product, which is difficult to scratch or scratch, environmentally sound and recyclable.Because it doesn't conduct heat and is a good insulator, you feel cool every time you touch it.

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