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As people living standard rise, more and more people begin to notice the adornment to living environment, and marble and granite are the material that often USES in decorating, both are advanced facing material, normally marble is used at indoor, granite is used at outdoor, so what distinction do both have?
Marble and granite
One difference -- different stone composition
Granite is igneous rock, usually formed from volcanic materials such as magma, while marble is metamorphic rock, which is formed from one kind of stone naturally metamorphosed into another by mixing with minerals under high temperature and pressure.Granite is a hard stone, which is hard and dense, while marble is a medium hard stone, usually made of distinct patterns and rich in mineral particles.

Two differences -- different hardness
Compared with marble, granite, hardness is higher, and thus more difficult process, but its elegance and corrosion resistance, not easy elegance metamorphism, usually appearance can keep more than one hundred years, and marble because half of them contain impurities, and calcium carbonate is contained in marble, vulnerable to the carbon in the atmosphere, the effect of carbon dioxide and water vapour to make its surface loses luster.
Difference three -- different range of use
Marble and granite is one of the most obvious difference between the use scope is different, usually used in indoor, marble and granite is mostly used for outdoor, outdoor road surface is covered with granite, for example, the differences mainly because its radioactive decision, because radioactive than the harm of human body of granite marble is bigger, so it can only be used in outdoor, and marble grain is relatively better, more so used in indoor.

Four differences -- stone characteristics
Can distinguish marble and granite with naked eye below common circumstance, marble decorative pattern is rich, and colour change is much, and granite design is onefold, it is gray white commonly, without apparent design molding.

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