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Granite Outlet

1. Check whether the stone provided is natural stone and whether its material performance meets or is superior to that of natural granite (JB/T 7974 -- 2001).
2. Quality inspection requirements: dimension or permissible deviation ≤±1mm, width or thickness ±1mm, surface flatness ≤0.5mm, diagonal or permissible deviation ≤0.5mm.
3. Whether the appearance quality of granite platform is superior, whether the color, color difference and pattern of the block material are harmonious and uniform.
4. Whether there are edges, angles, cracks, spots, color lines, pits and pits on the surface of the platform.
5. Whether the surface of the platform shall be coated with six stone protective coatings to ensure the waterproof and antifouling performance of the stone.
6. Whether the stone material has passed the relevant inspection conducted by the national stone quality monitoring center, including physical property, radioactivity, freeze-thaw property, etc., and the relevant inspection report shall be provided.
7. Stone producing area and name.
Look from quality, the difference of homebred stone material and import stone material is not big, but the price is much less however.The reason basically depends on entrance stone material to abound change more, have adornment sex more, that is to say the stone material that imports is spread to want good-looking a few more.This gap in workmanship cannot be closed overnight, and Chinese manufacturers are working hard to close it.On practical, homebred stone material can say already no inferior at importing stone material.
When buying, many people stop at marble and granite.What should you pay attention to when buying?
Thickness should be uniform, four angles should be accurate and clear, trim edges, each right Angle should correspond to each other;Surface should be smooth and bright, bright in 80 degrees above, and do not have pits;Patterns should be uniform, bright patterns, no noise, color difference should be consistent;Internal structure tight, no cracks;Bearing thickness shall not be less than 9 ~ 10mm.Square floor choose and buy from the surface to pay attention to whether the square cut neat, surface smoothness, design, color, etc.
Quality control mainly in the process and materials.The implementation that the stone material such as granite decorates curtain wall USES adornment board to do commonly hang a craft, its main advantage has safe and durable, clean and beautiful, construction is convenient wait a moment.In addition, stone materials are also the key to ensure the quality of the project. In addition to stone materials, there are mainly steel (aluminum) framework materials, hanging plates, hooks, structural glue and sealing glue.Aluminum surface coating must meet the national standards, steel must be hot dip galvanized or other anti-corrosion materials for treatment, to ensure that it does not occur rust.Structural and weathering adhesives must meet national standards to ensure no oil leakage.

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