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Granite curb stone classification can be divided into three categories according to the process:
1. Granite curb stone is commonly used
2. S-type granite curb stone. The processing of s-type curb stone is generally controlled by computer.Therefore, the control of shape depends on the programming of computer program. Besides design requirements, the shape of s-shaped curb stone should also consider the convenience in actual transportation.
3, other types of process of granite luyandan, special-shaped luyandan sort is more, according to the different methods of processing can be divided into 2 d processing and 3 d processing guide luyandan, 2 d value is relative with the 3 d price is lower price, and less processing difficulty is very big, general abnormity luyandan are two-dimensional price, 3 d alien luyandan processing is responsible for, the commonly used in flower beds of stone processing.Two - dimensional processing of irregular curb stone is a common curb stone.

Classification of granite curb stone can be divided into:
1, gray curb stone, such as: wulian curb stone, wulian gray curb stone, sesame gray curb stone, etc.Five lotus shaped stone materials have beautiful colors and patterns, high compressive strength and good physical and chemical properties, wide distribution of resources, easy to process, with the development of economy, the granite application scope is expanding, the consumption is increasing, plays an important role in people's life.In particular, the large-scale mining, industrial processing and international trade of granite in the recent 10 years have brought granite decorative plates into the building decoration and decoration industry in large quantities, not only for luxurious public buildings, but also for the decoration of families.
2, luyandan representatives have wulian red, such as red luyandan wulian red luyandan because of design and color is beautiful, durable, favored by the market in the south, especially in jiangsu, zhejiang market, because of the regional economic development, urban greening requirements high, every year the wulian red luyandan dosage is very huge, almost every city has a lot of a lot of engineering using stone, so most wulian red luyandan are sent to the market.
3. White curb stone represents shandong baima curb stone
4. Curb stone of other colors, such as blue curb stone and black curb stone, among which gray granite curb stone USES a large amount, followed by red curb stone.

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