Granite Rock

Granite Rock:Granite is beautiful, durable and very hard.In ancient times, if there is a perfect mining, processing equipment and technology, it must be more popular than marble.

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Granite Rock

Physical properties
Granite is a unique material, the physical characteristics of the main show porosity/permeability as follows: granite physical permeability is almost negligible, between 0.2% ~ 4% thermal stability: granite has high strength heat-resistant stability, it will not change because of the change of ambient temperature, granite because of its high density and won't change due to the change of the temperature and air composition.Granite has a strong corrosion resistance, so it is widely used in the storage of chemical corrosion products.
Ductility: the extension coefficient range of granite is 4.7×10-6~9.0×10-6.
Color: the color and texture of granite are highly consistent.
Hardness: granite is the hardest building material and has good wear resistance due to its super hardness.
Ingredient: granite is mainly composed of quartz, orthoclase and microplagioclase. The most original granite is mainly composed of the following three parts: feldspar, quartz and biotite.The proportion of each component is generally determined by color and material, but generally feldspar accounts for 65%~90%, quartz 10%~60%, biotite 10%~15% [1].
Physical properties
1. Density: 2790~3070 kg/m3;
2. Compressive strength: 1000~3000 kg/cm2;
3. Elastic modulus: 1.3~1.5×106 kg/cm3;
4. Water absorption rate: 0.13%;
5. Shore hardness: > HS 70;
6. Specific gravity: 2.6~2.75.

The characteristics of

Granite has compact structure, high compressive strength, low water absorption, high surface hardness, good chemical stability, strong durability, but poor fire resistance.
Granitic shows the granular structure of fine grain, medium grain, coarse grain, or resemble spot shape structure, its grain is even and close, gap is small (porosity is 0.3%~0.7% commonly), bibulous rate is not tall (bibulous rate is 0.15%~0.46% commonly), have good antifreeze performance.
Granite has high hardness, its mohler hardness is about 6, its density is between 2.63 g/cm3 and 2.75 g/cm3, and its compression strength is 100-300 mpa, among which fine-grained granite can be more than 300MPa, and its bending strength is generally between 10 and 30Mpa.Granite is often produced in the form of rock base, rock strain, rock block, etc., and controlled by regional geotectonics. Generally, the scale is relatively large and the distribution is relatively wide.
Granite waste rate is high, can be processed, the board can be good.There is not easy weathering granite, can do outdoor decoration with stone.The texture of granite is uniform. Although the color is mainly light, it is also rich in red, white, yellow, green, black, purple, brown, beige, blue and so on. Besides, its color changes relatively little, so it is suitable for large area use.

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