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Granite Samples

Granite, formed from igneous rock, is a kind of rigid crystalline stone, originally formed from feldspar and quartz and mixed with one or more black minerals, which are arranged in a smooth structure.

Technical Requirements for Mining Granite Mines:

Under general conditions, when the production stripping ratio is about 0.3, the minimum economic waste rate of granite mine is 15%-25%.

(1) When mobile crane is used for mining bench height, the bench height is 4-6m; small mast crane is used for bench height less than or equal to 14m; and large mast crane is used for bench height less than or equal to 62m. Stepped slope angle is generally 90 degrees, and the final slope angle depends on the stability of rock.

(2) The strip width is generally 1-3 m depending on the performance of mining equipment, the specifications of waste materials and the conditions of cracks.

(3) The length of working face is generally 5-15m by manual mining and 15-20m by flame cutter mining. Minimum width of working platform: generally 20-25m.

Granite products

Natural granite products can be divided into:

axed slab

Stone surface is machined by hand chopping axe. The surface is rough and has regular strip axe pattern. Surface texture rough, used for anti-skid ground, steps, base, etc.

laned slab

The stone surface is planed mechanically, flat and parallel to each other. It is used for similar purposes as chopping axe board, but the surface texture is more delicate.

Rough grinding plate

Stone surface is roughly ground, smooth and glossy. It is mainly used for wall, column, step, base and so on, which need softening effect.

Polished sheet

After finishing and polishing, the stone surface is smooth and bright, the crystal texture of granite is clear, and the color is gorgeous. It is used for walls, floors and cylinders which need high gloss and smooth surface effect.

A brief introduction to granite sample products:


The mining of wasteland in mines is mainly in the state of semi-mechanical and semi-manual mining, which has not yet formed a certain scale and lacks uniformity and systematicness in management.

Some pictures of granite sample products are displayed:

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