Granite Tile Countertop

Granite Tile Countertop

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Granite Tile Countertop

Granite ceramic tile confluence natural granite and ceramic tile respective advantage, below the hardness condition that has taller level, can have the characteristic of ceramic tile light weight environmental protection.In practical application, granite tile can save processing, transportation and other costs, but also can maintain the characteristics of not easy to damage.

The key technology of granite ceramic tile lies in multi-step granulation, multiple mixing, accurate particle ratio, and large tonnage press pressing and molding. Its technical route is completely different from that of full-body marble ceramic tile, and it is also more advanced than the previous granite ceramic tile.

One of the most important advantages of using these floor tiles is their durability.Granite tiles are so hard that the floor stays intact even if a weight falls.When coffee, juice, or other drinks spill on it, they rarely leave any stains.It can also be used in high-flow areas because it does not cause wear or damage.

Different from the traditional square brick, imitation granite tiles, connect body granite ceramic tile surface can be made into fire, litchi surface, the effect of the granite surface such as imitation of natural granite, sweeps past the appearance of this kind of product design and color is more monotonous, successfully implemented for more than a stone color, more than a stone face, full of beautiful things in eyes of breed of design and color is rich and colorful, for designers provided vast space for imagination and design space.

Granite ceramic tile has been developed to the present, the specifications and styles have been diversified, the specifications cover 150x 300mm300x 300mm, 300x 600mm, 600x600mm, 600x900mm, etc., the thickness can be 3 cm, in the field of granite ceramic tile, China has been able to synchronize with Italy.

Granite, ceramic tile on the texture, color, texture, application effect is beyond natural granite, and has strong obvious particles tactility, adornment effect is more close to the natural stone material formed by weathering surface effect, at the same time combines ceramic tile is hard, wear-resisting, resistance to pollution, acid and alkali resistance, low water absorption performance advantages, and realize sustainable production, in the aspect of social benefit, market prospect has great development potential.

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