Polished Tile

Polished Tile:The surface of the whole body brick body is polished into a kind of bright brick, belonging to the whole body brick.Relative to complete body brick character, polishing brick surface wants bright and clean much.

Product Details

Polished Tile

Advantages of polished brick:

1, advantages 1: no radioactive elements: natural stone is a mineral, without high temperature sintering, it contains some trace radioactive elements, long-term contact will be harmful to human body;Polished brick won't cause harm to human body;
2, advantage two: basic control without chromatic aberration: natural stone due to diagenesis time, the depth of the rock layer different color difference is large, polished brick carefully deployed, with the same batch of products the same color, basically without chromatic aberration;
3, advantages three: bending strength: natural stone due to natural formation, wood time, weathering and so on are not the same, resulting in tightness, strength is different;Polishing brick by thousands of tons of hydraulic press pressing, then through above 1200 ℃ high temperature sintering, high strength;
4, advantages four: thin brick body, light weight: natural stone due to low strength, so the processing thickness is large, bulky, increased the load of the building floor weight, forming a potential threat, cost increase, and increase the transport, paving and other difficulties.
5, advantage 5: slippery: safety of ground ceramic tile is slippery very important, the family that has old person child especially values the slippery effect of ceramic tile more.Polished brick surface is bright and clean bright, a lot of consumer think its prevent slippery effect is poor, if asperse, go up, water increased safety hidden trouble more, avoid then lest be less than, had to choose "ray inside collect" inferior smooth ceramic tile.In fact, all polished bricks are non-skid, if there is soil on the brick will slip, water will be astringent instead, so as long as the daily cleaning is not affected by its anti-skid effect.On skid resistance property, polish brick and matte ceramic tile are same.

Description of main products of polished brick:

Surface Finish

Polished,Honed, Bushhammed,Mushroom, Water-repellent, Flamed,Nature Split etc.

Belows are common sizes, customer's design are available

Common Sizes



1800(up) x 600(up)mm
1800(up) x 700(up)mm
2400(up) x 1200(up)mm
2800(up) x 1500(up)mm etc


15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, etc



305 x 305mm or 12" x 12"
400 x 400mm or 16" x 16"
457 x 457mm or 18" x 18"
600 x 600mm or 24" x 24" etc


10mm,12mm,15mm,18mm,20mm,2.5mm,30mm, etc



100X100, 100X*100,100X200, 200X200,400X400mm,etc


20mm, 30mm,40mm,50mm,60mm,80mm,100mm,120mm






96" x 26", 76"x36", 98"x26", 108" x 26"


3/4", 3/8", 1/2"

Vanity Tops


25"x22" , 31"x22", 37"x22" , 49"x22", 60" x22"


3/4", 3/8", 1/2"

Edge Style

bull nose, ogee, bevel, eased, polish, etc


1)Tiles & cut to size in Fumigated wooden crates. inside will cover by foamed plastics (polystyrene).
2) Slab in fumigated wooden bundle.


For internal and external decoration and construction.
wall panel, floor tile, stairs, paving, wall cladding, countertop, vanity are available.


1)   Polished degree 80°- 100°.
2) Thk tolerance : -/+0.5mm for countertop and big slab; -/+1mm for tile
3) Surface flatness tolerence: +/-0.3mm
4) Diagonal tolerance : +/-1mm.

Main product picture of polished brick:

Tile 0201

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