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As the landmark rock of the continent, granite forms the foundation of the upper crust of the continent, and the formation process of granite is usually closely related to the tectonics, metamorphism and mineralization of the continent.Since the 18th century, when geological science was still in its infancy, the formation of granite has been the subject of many debates.Discussion on the genesis of granite can be found in the works of Gilluly(1948), Pitcher(1993), Young(2003) and others.It should be noted that since the introduction of plate tectonics in the 1960s, many explanations of the genesis of granite have been reinterpreted in the framework of plate theory.In many cases, the consensus seems to be converging, but the actual debate continues.
Bowen's basaltic magmatic crystallization differentiation theory (1914,1922,1948) was wrong in combining the sequence of mineral crystallization with the sequence of magmatic rocks from basic to acidic.Experimental results show that only a small amount of residual granitic melt can be produced by crystallization differentiation of basaltic magma, which is in obvious conflict with the fact that there are many granites in the field (Holmes, 1926;Read, 1957).The mineral reaction series can actually be applied to magma systems with different components.In other words, it is not necessarily the basic rocks that first crystallize out of the magmatic system, and it is not necessarily the felsic (acidic) rocks that eventually form, because the nature of the rocks crystallizing out of the melt depends on the composition of the melt rather than the order in which the minerals crystallize (Kennedy, 1933).Walton(1960) commented on Bowen's idea: "there is nothing wrong with Bowen's chemical theory or its application to the separation of basaltic magma, which remains a fundamental principle of petrology.However, the theory of igneism, which rigidly binds a single model, suggests that most igneous rocks evolved as basaltic magma entered the crust to cool, crystallize, and separate, which is a bit speculative.The same chemical theory can be applied to other models."

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