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Granite Vanity Tops

What do you know about marble?The sort of marble has a lot of, specific sort is different, the price is different also.Consumer should notice to see specific sort when buying, do not say marble in general, avoid to be duped thereby.Below is specific kind and property, producing area.
White marble: original name is fangshan jade.Stone phase for jade white micro dot or veins.Origin Beijing, hubei.
Snowflake: formerly known as snowflake white.Stone phase is white to light gray, there are regular crystals, there are more yellow pannus miscellaneous points.The producing area is ye county in shandong province.
Snow and wind: dark gray bands of gray in stone.Origin of yunnan Dali.
Ice lang: the stone phase is gray and white uniform coarse crystal.Producing area: quyang, hebei.
Yellow flower jade: the stone phase is light yellow, with more rice veins.Origin hubei huangshi.
Jasper: formerly known as northeast green.The stone phase is dark green or light green and white flocculent phase permeability.Producing area liaoning lianshan pass.
Colorful clouds: formerly known as clouds.Stone phase is light emerald green bottom, deep light green flocculent phase permeability, purple spots or veins.The origin hebei obtains the deer.
Spot green: formerly known as laiyang green, stone phase for gray white cloth with deep grass spot green spots, origin of shandong laiyang.
Cloud ash: original name sesame white.Stone phase for the light gray bottom of smoke or cloud - shaped black gray lines, producing areas of Beijing fangshan.
Camel ash: formerly known as pig liver, stone phase for earth gray with dark yellow ochre light color loose veins.Origin suzhou, jiangsu.
Split jade: original name galaxy.The stone facies is light gray with reddish veins and bluish gray spots.
Ai ye qing: stone phase for the blue bottom of the white leaves between the dark gray, there are flaky grains between the clouds.Origin Beijing fangshan.
Can snow: formerly known as the snow wave, the stone phase is gray and white with black patches, producing area hebei iron mountain.
Sunset: formerly known as white silver stone, stone phase for the yellow intersoil yellow spot bottom, there are deep yellow interveins with black halo.Origin Beijing shunyi.
Crab green: formerly known as yellow douban, stone phase yellow gray bottom throughout the deep ash, or yellow gravel spots with white interlayer, origin of hebei.
Tiger grain: formerly known as coffee, stone phase for the ochre bottom cloth has the flow pattern stone yellow meridian, origin of jiangsu yixing.
Topaz: the stone phase is the light black gray bottom, has the pit red yellow and the light gray vein, the origin hubei daye.
Pink: formerly known as quyang red and rose, stone phase for the peach coarse crystal, with black wisp or spots, origin of quyang, hebei.
Violet thread: formerly known as anhui red, stone phase is gray red bottom is full of thread of red and gray alternate with, producing area anhui lingbi.
Snail red: formerly known as the northeast red, stone phase for purple bottom clip with red and gray thread, origin of liaoning gold county.
Ink wall: formerly known as mo yu, stone phase for black miscellaneous with a small amount of tuhuang texture, the origin of hubei deer.
Starry night: formerly known as suzhou black, black stone phase with white lines and white spots, origin of suzhou.
Electric flower: formerly known as anti - ash.Stone phase is black gray bottom is full of red white veins, producing area hangzhou, zhejiang.
Autumn wind: formerly known as ninghong and nanjing red, stone phase for the red gray bottom has heme halo, origin of nanjing.
Ling hong: the stone facies is purple red broken spiral veins with white spots, producing area tieling liaoning.
Safflower jade: the stone phase is liver red bottom clip has the size shallow red stone block.Origin hubei daye.
The above is more than 10 kinds of common marble, what should pay attention to is, everybody does not mix granite and marble together.

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