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Kitchen Granite

Advantages and disadvantages of granite kitchen countertops:
What is granite?
The kitchen countertop that granite makes basically USES in the kitchen and wash clothes pool, at present domestic more popular forehead kitchen countertop has black sands, India red, British palm to wait for import granite and shanxi black, Mongolia black wait for homebred black granite.

Granite countertops pros and cons: pros look: granite has subtle color changes that no artificial stone can replicate. Granite color changes with light, whether it's color, spots or other patterns throughout the granite.Heat resistance: the heat resistance and heat dissipation of granite are excellent, after heating the pot directly on the table will not leave any traces;Will not cause the temperature difference too large surface bubble or cracking.Resistance: granite basically has no pores, not easy to breed bacteria, dirt, mold and mildew and other problems.But need to pay attention to the granite tile is still moldy and stained.Hardness: granite is second only to diamonds in nature, so granite countertops are hard and not brittle.

Stability: granite is stable in nature, non-conductive and non-magnetic, resistant to acid, alkali and erosion, with good shock absorption effect and long service life.Granite kitchen mesa merits and demerits: drawback modelling is oneness: cannot an organic whole model, granite does mesa of one word no problem, but the mesa that has corner can be a piece of stone material joining together only, cannot make it whole.Dirt and dirt: granite length will not be very long, if you want large area of laying will have joints, and joints are easy to dirt and dirt, so the granite kitchen table construction technology requirements are relatively high.

Radiation: granite contains certain radiation, but there is no exact data showing that granite really exists serious radiation, used for home decoration materials are generally tested after treatment, in line with the standard.

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giallo california granite

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