Gray Granite Countertops

Gray Granite Countertops

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Gray Granite Countertops

Advantage: granite density is big, hardness is tall, the surface is very wear-resisting, also be one of material that often USES in domestic adornment, compare with natural marble in the material that can be used at kitchen mesa, the ability of resisting bacterium regeneration of granite is better.
Drawback: as the length of material of ambry mesa natural stone material does not grow normally, want to make it to pass so long integral mesa (especially U model, L model mesa), can have juncture for certain, place of these juncture conceals dirt easily likewise.

Characteristics of granite:
(1) good decoration performance, suitable for public places and outdoor decoration.
(2) excellent processing performance: saw, cutting, polishing, drilling, carving, etc.Its processing accuracy can be up to 0.5 micron and its luminosity above 1600.
(3) good wear resistance, 5-10 times higher than cast iron.
(4) small thermal expansion coefficient, not easy to deformation, similar to indium steel, very little temperature impact.
(5) the elastic modulus is larger than that of cast iron.
(6) good rigidity, internal damping coefficient is large, 15 times larger than steel.It is shockproof and shockproof.
(7) granite has brittleness, only local fall off after damage, does not affect the overall straightness.
(8) the granite chemical property is stable, not easy weathering, can resist acid, alkali and corrosion of gas erosion, its chemical property and silica content into direct proportion, service life can reach 200 years or so.
(9) granite is non-conductive, non-magnetic, stable field potential.

A brief introduction to grey granite mesa products:


In the kitchen is decorated, the choice of ambry is a link than cannot little.On furniture market now, the sort of ambry is more and more, the material of the mesa of ambry is qualitative more different also, a lot of decorate novice do not know what kind of material is qualitative more the household life that suits oneself.

Some pictures of gray granite mesa products are displayed:

Tile 0501

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