Polishing Marble Countertops

Polishing Marble Countertops

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Polishing Marble Countertops

Actually in the impression of a lot of people, the use of granite are used in some construction of the above, or the public use of large area, granite plank usage is in the building is very big, but made of granite effect of ambry also is pretty good, granite ambry quality can be trusted, it believes people are the least used, and this kind of material of ambry also is very long service life.

Seamless stone grinding:
1, function: consistent luster: seamless grinding can make stone stone luster consistent to reduce lesions: seamless grinding can effectively reduce the stone material due to seam lesions convenient maintenance: seamless grinding makes daily maintenance more convenient to maintain health: seamless grinding effectively reduces the opportunity of bacteria hiding.
2, the construction process of cutting a rubber filling a flat one water mill (coarse grinding, fine grinding) a polishing one mirror crystal.
Stone leveling:
1. Function: reduce wear: the leveling floor can reduce wear caused by difference in height and improve brightness: the leveling floor can increase overall consistency, improve brightness, increase safety level and avoid safety problems caused by difference in height and height.
2. Construction procedure: leveling -- water grinding -- polishing.

Granite can be used as kitchen countertops, its advantages are as follows:
1. Granite is hard
The hardness of granite is second only to diamond in nature, and above mohs hardness 6, some can reach 7.This makes granite countertops less prone to scratches.Granite is hard but not brittle. Unlike natural marble, it breaks easily.
2. Granite is heat resistant
Granite is one of the most heat-resistant stones.Even after a long cooking time, the heated pot cannot leave any marks on the granite countertop.At the same time, the heat dissipation of granite is excellent, and it will not bubble or crack due to local temperature difference.
3. Granite has diverse appearance
Granite has many natural faces.Mainly divided into black, white, blue, brown, metal color, and rare green, rose.Granite of each color may also have various patterns, bright and natural.
4. Granite is easy to maintain
Granite itself doesn't have much space, and by polishing the surface, it's effectively waterproof.
5. Granite is stable
Granite does not conduct electricity, do not conduct magnetism, damping effect is good, and resistant to acid and alkali erosion.

A brief introduction to polished marble countertop products:


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