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Santa Cecilia Granite

In recent years, with the continuous development of China's economy, the public's pursuit of architectural decoration effect has been increasing, and stone has become a very important decorative material, and has gradually entered ordinary people's homes.
The stone material that USES in the life can be divided roughly into natural stone material, man-made stone material and compound stone material, the use of the first two kinds of stone material is more extensive.Due to the particularity and specialty of stone material and processing, we should choose suitable stone material according to the color, texture, material sense and adaptability of stone material when making decoration.
In natural stone material is divided into again by material: granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, SLATE stone, second gem 6 kinds;The products are mainly divided into building boards, dry hanging boards, special-shaped stone, pavement stones, carving stone products, etc.The most common natural stones are granite, marble and limestone.
Granite represented by granite type of decorative stone, including various types of igneous rock, magmatic rocks and granitic metamorphic rock, usually a hard, acid and alkali resistance, weathering resistance is strong, good durability, fine crystal use fixed number of year in 500-1000, coarse grain use fixed number of year 200, granite color gorgeous, uniform texture, but don't fight the fire.Generally applicable to indoor and external walls, ground, cylinder, square, road, etc.
Marble refers to a kind of decorative stone materials represented by marble, including carbonic acid and related metamorphic rocks, mainly composed of carbonate minerals, generally soft texture.According to mineral composition, calcite marble, dolomite marble, serpentine marble.Calcite marble is mainly composed of calcite (calcium carbonate) crystal structure marble.Dolomite marble is mainly composed of dolomite (calcium carbonate magnesium) crystal structure marble.Serpentine marble is mainly composed of serpentine (magnesium silicate hydrate), calcite, dolomite marble, generally green or dark green.Marble applies to indoor wall ground commonly.

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