Types Of Granite Countertops

Types Of Granite Countertops

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Types Of Granite Countertops

Granite is a magmatic rock that contains the various minerals that give it its mottled appearance.While granite countertops are very durable, there are precautions to take to prevent contamination or damage.Proper care and cleaning can maintain its lasting beauty.Try to avoid splashing liquid (dehydrating or some mild dishwashing liquid) onto granite countertops, especially if it is very acidic.Orange juice, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks and other acidic substances will damage the table, in case of splattering on granite countertops need timely cleaning.Use a cloth or paper towel to absorb the liquid, and then use a wet cloth to scrub the remaining liquid.Granite countertops are durable, but try to avoid any danger of damaging them.One way to prevent damage is to avoid placing unnecessary weights on the edge of the table.This includes holding onto the table for balance, climbing onto the surface to get something high up or cleaning stains off the walls.The pressure and gravity of these actions can damage the edge of the table, causing it to fall off.Granite is very heat-resistant, but there is not enough space for granite sheets to absorb all the heat.If granite countertops are mixed with other building materials, it is best to place a tripod or heat shield under hot cutlery.This helps keep heat away from heat-resistant building materials.Just as some foods and drinks are high in acid, some common household cleaners are high in acid, which can damage granite countertops.If you need to use some cleaning products to assist in cleaning, use a mild cleaning product such as dishwashing liquid.Sealing sealing is also a good way to protect the table.Soluble base sealant is optional for granite mesa.Sealing is not to make the table completely anti - fouling, it just enhance the anti - fouling of the table.The life of sealants varies, depending on a number of elements, but you can estimate that seals are made every two to three years.

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