Giallo Ornamental Granite

Giallo Ornamental Granite

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Giallo Ornamental Granite

Yellow gives a light, hopeful and energetic feeling.Recent years, reason of yellow natural stone material is popular, because yellow transparency is tall, lubricious sex is warm, representing nobility normally, luxurious with bright.Yellow granite is mostly used for exterior wall dry hanging.Domestic yellow granite produced in xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, shandong, hubei, jiangxi, hebei, gansu.Let's take a look at the common yellow granite in China.

Shandong gold hemp color is noble, a kind of yellow ash, spread gray hemp dot, and color yellow so called gold hemp.Gold hemp is most famous in shandong.

Yellow rust stone is a kind of granite, it is often said that the color difference of a large piece of yellow rust stone from the beginning to the end is very different, the head and tail are almost two colors, the white part and white rust seem to be very similar, but it is not so.The yellow ruststone is yellow with yellow spots on it;White rust stone, is white, the color difference between the two is relatively large, a look at it.

The base color of kalamarijin granite is light yellow, and the color of black is even among them.The granite mine is located in kalamely district, qitai county, xinjiang.

Diamond gold hemp, the granite inherited tianshan jade good compression resistance, high gloss advantages;More because its main color is yellow, by the majority of stone lovers like, a lot of it is used in urban construction, garden decoration, building dry hanging and external wall decoration.

This variety has unique quality, uniform color, no color difference, high gloss, suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor curtain wall, ground decoration.

With the name of origin (xibaipo revolutionary tourist attraction) to take the stone name, is granite (unified no. G1303), began to be mined around 2000

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giallo ornamental granite

Hebei gold diamond, origin: chengde county, hebei.

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